12 Dec 2013

CVSZilla is a small piece of Perl-glue to integrate CVS, Bugzilla and CVSWeb or ViewCVS with each other. It also extends CVS to give rudimentary support to “change-sets”, or “transactions”, after a fashion. (They’re probably not *exactly* what most people refer to as change-sets, but they’re close enough for our use here.)

It also contains code to plug in to CVS to make it record information about every commit or tag that goes into the repository into a MySQL database.

It also provides CGI scripts which allow querying of the recorded information – for instance:

what transactions went against bug 1234?
what transactions did user jsmith make against module FOO?
what transactions have been committed since Sep 4th, 4pm?
which tags have been created since Jan 1st?
It’s minimally documented in README.txt files in each directory. Note that the code is short and concise – it’s the best documentation there is. If you’re not sure, Use The Source!

CVSZilla was originally developed by Tony Garnock-Jones, and is now developed by a group of interested developers. See AUTHORS for more information.

Obtaining CVSZilla.

We are working on packages, but right now the only method to obtain CVSZilla is via CVS. We currently provide anonymous CVS access.

cvs co cvszilla
Reporting Bugs/Helping out.

If you would like to report bugs/help out, please feel free to create a bugzilla account. One of the team members will be in contact to verify the account.

The mailing list is currently offline, since the managing yahoo account was compromised. The archives are still currently available.

We also have a mailing list over on Yahoo Groups. Please join us if you have any questions.

The CVSZilla team

We use CVSZilla ourselves. To view it in action, have a look here. To browse the CVS repository, we have ViewCVS installed here.

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