Recover Deleted iPhone Notes

You had better be careful not to make any noise while entering your home late in the night. It was your wife's birthday, but it being the weekend, you were busy playing rummy with your friends. You can rest assured that she will rebuke you if you wake her up. It seems that you have had a bad week. You forgot several important meetings with your clients, you forgot completing a time sensitive assignment, losing a valuable client in the process, and ended up being chided by your boss for it. Hang on for a while before cursing at your iPhone for not reminding you about those important events, despite the fact that you had saved notes about them on your trusty mobile. It should have reminded you with an alert about those events. Chances are that you might have accidentally deleted those notes. You should learn how to recover deleted notes on iphone to overcome this problem.

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Importance of lost notes

By the way, forget entering your house. You kept the duplicate key of your home in your office's drawer, and forgot to take it out before departing. Yes, you had set a reminder note for that as well. Anyway, no use crying about spilt milk. We all make mistakes. However, an intelligent person learns from his past mistakes and learns how to avoid repeating them in the future. Considering the hectic life one leads nowadays, and the multiple assignments they have to perform during the course of the day, it is but natural that they overlook some tasks in the process. Saving notes of these jobs on their iPhone helps alert them about those duties. However, this feature is of no help if one mistakenly deletes those notes. Can you imagine the scenario if you mistakenly deleted the list of gifts your precious one had asked for, while shopping in an overseas mall?

Deleting notes to recover backup capacity

The iPhone has a limited storage capacity. We all need to delete unwanted files, including notes, to restore the backup space of our iPhones. Identifying and deleting individual files is a painful process. Many of us resort to the mass delete option to delete all the notes... forgetting that this action will delete important notes as well.

Creating and organising folders

Create several folders, categorise them, and store your notes in them. Keep important notes in a dedicated folder and never use the mass delete option on it. This ensures that you can recover storage space without deleting important information. You can also drag and drop important notes from one folder to the other. If necessary, create additional folders within the dedicated' folder... one for your office related task, and one to remind you about information related to your family.

The importance of making backups

Sign up with a cloud storage account and synchronise it with your notes folder. The moment you add a new note on your iPhone, it is uploaded to the cloud server instantly. You should also make a periodic backup of your notes folder on your laptop. Your mobile is emitting an audible alert. Chances are that have to sacrifice your pool game and prepare yourself for taking your loved one for a special dinner.